Our story

Living in Portugal; nature, space, sunlight, creativity and craft. Everything needed for a beautiful concept in the country site north of Lisbon.
It is here where the story of Atelier Vale Flores and Dominio Vale Flores starts.
With local and regional companies Atelier Vale Flores designs and manufactures beautiful products, small collections made from the finest natural materials. Each piece becomes more personal, more valuable and more beautiful over the years, that's our goal.
All that we design, it is for now and future use,  lifetime joy we like to call it. We cherish the craft and we aim a strong design, only then does it get our brand.
The products from Atelier Vale Flores are used in our accommodation ' Domínio Vale Flores'. It is a litthe hide away just north of Lisbon, a small oasis where coutry living is 'the way of life'. Sharing time and moments in a pleasant atmosphere where your senses indulge the Portuguese and natural way of life.

Each season has a its own chracteristic and offers a surprising stay.

Not 100% ecological but... 100% aware

On our quinta we are aware of nature and the environment. Seems logical to us. The premise 'use what you have' is an importnat principle for us. Although we can not operate completely ecological, we do try to take the utmost account of nature. Most bathrooms have a composting toilet and waste water (grey water) is filtered naturally and used for irrigation for the garden.

We grow our own veggies and herbs and many of the fruit trees are planted by us. The harvest is used for lunches and snacks in the lounge. Our aim is to eat and drink what the season provides.

We use manu resources nature has to offer. Firewood of pruned olive trees, leaves and garden watse is stocked to become compost, garden flowers for the decorations and the water comes partly from our own source. It forms the base of our 'use what you have' thoughts and meanwhile we try to expand those possibilities.




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Domínio Vale Flores
Rua do Poço do Visconde - Vale Flores
2000-346 Achete - Santarem

PT: +351 93 8886777  NL: +31 6 26352864

email: dominio@valeflores.com

BTW-nummer: PT266193757
KVK Portugal : 9996002041751